Knee Replacement Surgery Singapore

singapore Knee Replacement In Most cases patients having artificial knees are over age 65, but the procedure is often also performed in younger people.

Total Knee replacement, also known as Arthroplasty or Computer Assisted Surgery for Joint Replacement (CASJR) is a surgical procedure to replace a damaged knee with a prosthesis (an artificial joint). It is usually performed on people suffering from severe arthritic conditions. The Common forms of Arthritis are Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and traumatic arthritis

Our knee comprises the joint between the femur and the tibia but also the joint between the patella and the front of the femur. Either or all of these parts of the knee may be affected by arthritis to various degrees

It is Considered in the Following Cases :

  • If The patient has daily pain.
  • The Patient's pain is so severe that its restricts not only work and recreation but ordinary activities of daily living are also effected
  • The Patient has significant stiffness of your knee.
  • The Patient has significant instability of knee.
  • The Patient's has significant deformity (knock-knees or bowlegs).

The Process of Total Knee Replacement

It involves replacing the damaged bone and cartilage of the knee joint, which provides articulating surfaces.
The procedure in a good Singapore hospital takes approximately an hour to hour and a half to perform

The Advantages of Total Knee Replacement

The operation is very effective and gives long lasting relief from joint pain. A support to walk is needed which can often be discarded by around a month's time. A person can slowly start doing all his routine activities with ease and comfort . His Lifestyle Improves and he becomes more active .

What are risks of Involved in total knee replacement which the patient should consider :
  • The Patient may suffer from some knee pain
  • He may have loosening of the prosthesis
  • There May be stiffness
  • There may be infection in the knee
  • There can be urinary tract infection, blood clots in a leg, or blood clots in a lung.
Who are the people who are more likely to have a severe or an earlier arthritis?
    People who have it in their family history
  • Person who has history of injury in the joint.
  • Person who has deformity of knees
  • An overweight person .
In Early Stages reduction, regular exercises, and local heat therapy help. Medicines don’t quite help in this form of arthritis beyond a point.

singapore knee replacement How soon is the Patient able to go back Home ?

The patient will be discharged when you can get out of bed on your own and walk with a walker or crutches, walk up and down three steps, bend your knee 90 degrees, and straighten your knee.

The Post operative instructions in this Surgery ?
  • It is there that the stitches or staples get removed only after few weeks so a patient has restrictions for atleast few weeks notto perform heavy weight activities.
  • Do not soak the wound in water until the wound has thoroughly sealed and dried. A It can be bandaged Take a balanced diet, often with an iron supplement so that it helps in promoting proper tissue healing and restoring muscle strength.
Some Activities which will Help in recovering fast after Recovery :

  • Gradually start walking for 5 minutes and then Increase your duration .
  • Start with daily acitivities like sitting , climbing stairs .
  • First exercise with a physical therapist in a Singapore hospital and then without any help .
  • You can drive only when your knee bends sufficiently so you can enter and sit comfortably in your car and when your muscle control provides adequate reaction time for braking and acceleration. It is possible only after 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery
The activities to be Avoided after Knee Replacement?

  • The Patient should gradually Increase his Time for Exercising and should not Exercise for a long time .
  • One should definitely avoid running or jogging, contact sports, jumping sports, and aerobics.

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