Ear surgery in Singapore

singapore ear surgery Whenever doctors have patients facing mild problem in hearing they advise them to use hearing aids. It is seen that many individuals compensate for their hearing loss by inadvertently learning to read lips. This can effect one or both of our ears. It can make our daily communication tough. You will not be able to hear, understand what the other person is aying or may ask him/her to repeat many times.

A person suffering from osclerosis has several options. In case hearing in both ears is necessary to localize where sounds are coming from. This enhances our ability to hear. It is seen generally that individuals who have good hearing in one ear only, generally adapt, but it is still distressing vis-a-vis a sudden blockage of one ear by an infection or wax.

As the structures of the ear are very small, the doctors use an operating microscope so that the view of the ear structures get enlarged sufficiently so the surgeon can perform the delicate tasks needed. There are conditions in which heavy accumulations of wax or infections, can result in significant losses of conductive hearing. These losses, however are usually temporary and can be handled with correction of the condition. It is noted that in patients who have bony growths in the ear canals they suffer from conductive hearing loss. In such cases surgery is recommended.

When you are visiting a hospital you might commonly hear these terms: The microsurgery of the ear is often called, Otomicrosurgery or Otologic surgery. It is seen that in some patients birth defects restrict the development of the ear canal and which leads to loss of hearing. Earlier they may have been a cause of worry but nowadays we have surgery as an easy option. If you study the ear diagrammatically the first and most visible component, the outer Ear, function is to collect sounds and channeling them to the next component. The inner ear controls the senses of both hearing and balance. It is responsible for the transmission and broadcasting portion of the hearing process. The middle ear is made up of the three bones of hearing and the ear drum. They can be thought of as the conversion device in the hearing/balance process.

In an accidental injury the ear drum can be perforated and bring on infection or other injuries and hearing loss. It can be repaired by a surgery known as Tympanoplasty. In some cases the actual movement of those bones becomes limited, thus limiting the transmission of sound waves which obviously affects our hearing capability. In such cases surgical procedures in which there is reconstruction of the bones of hearing are also available.

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