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Glaucoma is a condition that causes harm to your eye's optic nerve and keeps on deteriorating time-by-time. It's frequently connected with a development of pressure inside the eye. Glaucoma has a tendency to be acquired and may not appear until sometime down the road of life.

The expanded pressure, also better termed as intraocular pressure, can harm the main optic nerve, which transmits picture or images to the mind. On the off chance that harm to the optic nerve from high eye pressure proceeds with, glaucoma will bring about perpetual loss of vision. Without treatment, glaucoma can bring about aggregate lasting difficulty seeing inside of a couple of years. Since the vast majority with glaucoma have no early side effects or agony from this expanded pressure, it is imperative to see your eye specialist consistently so glaucoma can be analyzed and treated earlier rather than waiting for visual misfortune happenings.

The types of Glaucoma:

-- Primary open-angle glaucoma: This basic sort of glaucoma bit by bit diminishes your fringe vision without different side effects. When you see it, lasting harm as of now has happened.
On the off chance that your IOP stays high, the obliteration created by POAG can advance until passage vision creates, and you will have the capacity to see only the things which are straight ahead. Eventually, all vision can be lost, bringing about visual deficiency.

-- Acute angle-closure glaucoma: Also called narrow angle glaucoma, acute angle-closure glaucoma gives sudden indications, for example, eye torment, migraines, radiances around lights, enlarged eye part, vision misfortune, red eyes, queasiness and vomiting. These signs constitute a medicinal crisis. The assault may keep going for a couple of hours, and after that arrival again for another round, or it might be nonstop without alleviation. Every assault can bring about continuously more vision misfortune.

-- Normal-tension glaucoma: Like POAG, normal-tension glaucoma (likewise called normal-pressure glaucoma or low-pressure glaucoma) is a sort of open-angle glaucoma that can bring about visual field misfortune because of optic nerve harm. Yet, in normal-tension glaucoma, the eye's IOP stays in the normal reach. Likewise, torment is far-fetched and perpetual harm to the eye's optic nerve may not be seen until manifestations, for example, tunnel vision occurrence. The reason for normal-pressure glaucoma is not known. However, numerous specialists trust it is identified with poor blood flow to the optic nerve. Normal-pressure glaucoma is more regular in the individuals who are Japanese, are female and/or have a past filled with vascular infection.

-- Pigmentary glaucoma: This uncommon type of glaucoma is brought on by stopping up of the drainage angle of the eye by shade that has loosened up from the iris, decreasing the rate of watery outflow from the eye. After some time, an incendiary reaction to the blocked angle harms the drainage framework. You are unusual to see any manifestations with pigmentary glaucoma, however some torment and foggy vision may happen after exercise. Pigmentary glaucoma most as often as possible influences white people in their mid-30s to mid-40s.

-- Secondary glaucoma: Symptoms of chronic glaucoma following an eye harm could show secondary glaucoma, which additionally may create with vicinity of eye contamination, irritation, a tumor or growth of the lens because of a cataract.

Why does Glaucoma occur?

Glaucoma for the most part happens when pressure in your eye increments. This can happen when eye liquid isn't flowing typically in the front piece of the eye. Regularly, this liquid, called aqueous humor, streams out of the eye through a cross section like channel. On the off chance that this channel gets to be blocked, liquid develops, bringing on glaucoma. The immediate reason for this blockage is obscure, however specialists do realize that it can be acquired, means it is gone from folks to kids.

Less basic reasons for glaucoma incorporate a gruff or concoction damage to the eye, serious eye contamination, blockage of veins in the eye, provocative states of the eye, and infrequently eye surgery to revise another condition. Glaucoma more often than not happens in both eyes, yet it may include every eye to an alternate degree.

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