National Cancer Centre Singapore

National cancer centre singapore National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) is a world class facility offering a holistic range of clinical services to patients. Its humane approach of medical care is patient centric, with multidisciplinary teams of professionals working together to improve the quality of life for patients and their families . NCCS and its partner hospitals treat about 69% of all cancer patients in the public sector. NCCS also undertakes clinical and basic research, and develops public education programmes wholly directed at the prevention and treatment of cancer.

At NCC, doctor's adopt a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to cancer treatment. Doctor's here undertake training and education of medical, radiation and surgical oncologists and other allied health personnel to develop relevant clinical and basic research programmes in the understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. NCC strives to provide the highest standards of medical diagnosis, treatment and patient care.

Some Facts about NCC :

- Its is the Nation's institutional home for cancer experts.
- It provides a comprehensive range of cancer specialties for wholistic care.
- It undertakes continuous training for renewal and staying upto date with latest development in Oncology
- NCC adopts a multidisciplinary approach to cancer management.
- It provides world class quality and yet affordable cancer care.
- NCC, SGH and KKCWH care for 69% of public sector cancer patients and 55% of all cancer cases. NCCS houses the largest number of oncologists in Singapore.
National cancer centre singapore - NCCS sees 68% of the public sector medical oncology cases and 74% of radiation oncology cases. MOH Annual Statistics on Health Service Utilisation 2006
- NCCS is equipped with the largest number of equipment to provide the latest radiation oncology care in Singapore.

NCCS works towards the prevention and treatment of different cancers including those involving the breast, stomach, lung, liver, pancreas, lymphomas and head and neck cancers. Structurally and operationally designed to provide integrated and holistic patient-centred clinical services, it allows cross-consultation among cancer experts of different specialties. Patients can, therefore, enjoy personalised, prompt and customised cancer treatment recommended by a team of radiation, surgical and medical oncologists during the same visit and in the same clinic.

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